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Power Systems - Full and portable

We furnish and install quality power systems that make operating your bleachers faster and easier.

A series of electric drives are located under the first row in sufficient quantities necessary to move the system in and out effortlessly. Each tractor drive consists of two 12” wide x 6” diameter cylinder wheels covered with a specially formulated soft-faced groved rubber for positive grip and low wear while reducing stress on floor.

The tractor is operated by a minimum ¼" HP gear reduction motor built into a height adjustable steel framework and containing additional weight plates for added traction where necessary. These drives operate from one central control box and a single plug-in, hand-held, low-voltage remote pendant controller which has, in addition to an in-and-out button, a left and a right jog button used to always allow for straight and true steering (steering provided where required). Systems are available for single and 3 phase power.

Friction Bleacher Drive
Motorized power to operate bleacher platform systems. Two soft-faced, 6" dia. x 12" wide drive wheels protect floors.
Pendant Control
Low voltage with removable plug allows safe operation while preventing unauthorized use. Optionally features ability to steer platforms.
Portable Power Tractor
Effortlessly open and close one bleacher section at a time with portable power systems. These units are designed for fast connection to your bleacher system.

Replacement Power Rollers
In addition to new systems, we supply and install replacement rollers for for existing Universal, Interkal, Irwin and Hussey bleacher systems. New rollers help protect floors and ensure proper operation.



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